My Party Special Events

Our Vision

Our Vision

To metamorphose your dreams into unforgettable unique events.

About us

We believe in your dreams because ours also take shape through their organization. Music and Entertainment is not what we deal with, it is who we are. We do not just organize events, we optimize your dreams, we create moments and emotions within them, we share the same passion.

Planning and Organizing is not an event it’s an ongoing, continuous, multi-faceted and often complex process. As we realize that Time is what we most want and what we spend the most, our goal is to ensure your minute-by-minute enjoyment and save you more time and guarantee carefree moments from the beginning of your dream to the day you realize it.

Our team

A key component of My Party Special Events are the people who make it up and take care of your every moment. Whether it is corporate events or personal moments with the same consistency, vision and efficiency, My Party Special Events team light their inspiration with the aim to offer a wealth of personalized choices, through features such as youthfulness, which is the central pillar that expresses our team, without at the same time devoid of the aesthetic and demanding coordination of an event or reception. The knowledge and expertise that characterize our team are fully in line with imagination, aesthetics, original and alternative ideas.

Event Services

All events related to personal moments such as Wedding, Baptism, a children’s party or a birthday party.

Corporate, business promotion events such as conferences, inaugurations, presentations, lectures, exhibitions, fashion shows and other advertising campaigns, or even social events that take place within a company such as corporate parties, karaoke parties, anniversaries, pie cutters.

Why Us

Our years of experience, aesthetics and reliability are bridged under the roof of our two stores in Athens and Thessaloniki which enable us to respond directly to most areas of the country.
Our aesthetics and propositions transcend the more conventional or unconventional ideas, and meet in traditions of high aesthetics to the most up-to-date alternative ideas, always in tune with your own tone, and creating trusting bonds that connect us in many different situations.